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We give you the style that works best for you. Choose from our wide range of hair cutting and styling solutions and get countless compliments from family, friends and strangers alike.
  • Name Min. Price
    Basic 25 500 buy
    Advanced 35 600 buy
  • Name Min. Price
    Hair Ironing -Upto Shoulder 30 450 buy
    Hair Ironing -Upto Mid Waist 40 700 buy
    Hair Ironing -Upto Waist 45 950 buy
    Tongs – Upto Shoulder 30 450 buy
    Tongs -Upto Mid Waist 40 750 buy
    Tongs -Upto Waist 45 950 buy
    Blow Dry – Upto Shoulder 20 300 buy
    Blow Dry -Upto Mid Waist 30 500 buy
    Blow Dry -Upto Waist 35 600 buy
  • NameMin.Price 
    Colour – Touch Up Application Only30300buy
    Colour – Global Application30500buy
    Colour – L’oreal Root Touch Up45750buy
    Colour Global – L’oreal – Upto Shoulder50950buy
    Colour Global – L’oreal – Upto Mid Waist601500buy
    Colour Global – L’oreal – Upto Waist602000buy
    Regular Colour ( Streaks , Matrix , Nouvella )- Global – Upto Shoulder45800buy
    Regular Colour ( Streaks , Matrix , Nouvella ) – Global – Upto Mid Waist60900buy
    Regular Colour ( Streaks , Matrix , Nouvella )- Global – Upto Waist601200buy
  • NameMin.Price 
    Hair Highlight – Per Streak20150buy
    Hair Highlights- Crown Area 6 Streaks35800buy
    Full Hair Highlights – 20 Streaks602500buy
    Fashion Highlights – Blue / Red/ Green / Pink / Purple etc – Per Streak25200buy
  • NameMin.Price 
    L’oreal Hair Spa – Upto Shoulder45600buy
    L’oreal Hair Spa – Upto Mid Waist45650buy
    L’oreal Hair Spa – Upto Waist45800buy
    Power Dose – Upto Shoulder60800buy
    Power Dose – Upto Mid Waist60900buy
    Power Dose – Upto Waist601500buy
    Upto Shoulder60800buy
    Lipidium – Upto Mid Waist60900buy
    Lipidium – Upto Waist601500buy
    Chocolate Hair Spa45800buy
    Eazy Salon Special Hair Spa45650buy
  • NameMin.Price 
    Power Dose Treatment601500buy
    Protien Treatment601500buy
    Hair Fall Treatment601500buy
    Anti Dandruff Treatment601500buy
    High Frequency Treatment251800buy
    Scalp Cleaning Treatment301200buy
    Split Ends Treatment20500buy
  • NameMin.Price 
    Upto Shoulder206000buy
    Upto Waist808000buy
  • NameMin.Price 
    Upto Shoulder4 Hrs8000buy
    Mid Waist5 Hrs10000buy
    Upto Waist6 Hrs12000buy
    Extra Thin Hair1 Hrs800buy
  • NameMin.Price 
    Upto Shoulder4 Hrs8000buy
    Mid Waist5 Hrs10000buy
    Upto Waist6 Hrs12000buy
  • NameMin.Price 
    Moroccon Shampoo & Conditioning30800buy
    Keratin Shampoo & Conditioning30700buy
    Wine Shampoo & Conditioning30700buy
    Smoothening & Conditioning30600buy
    L’oreal Shampoo & Conditioning30500buy
    Shampoo & Conditioning30450buy
    Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioning30400buy
    Herbal Shampoo & Conditioning25300buy

Subscription Packages

Select from our range of subscription packages that will not only save money but also perfect to give as a gift!

* Services exclusive for women in and around Mumbai

* Prices inclusive of taxes

  • Lekha Mishra, Doctor

    “Eazy Salon was a beautiful, neat, clean and hygienic, salon experience and more so the ease, comfort and time saving that it gives. Keep it up”

  • Netra Swami, Fashion Designer

    “I used  beauty services and hair styling for all my friends and me for my wedding party and everyone loved the services, the quality and friendly staff…Now I am a regular with EazySalon every month. Highly Recommended!”

  • Kirti Das, Research analyst

    “I never imagined that I could ever get a quick fix beauty job done during my ‘office lunch hour’! EazySalon was a wonderful experience! Now all my office colleagues have started using them. Truly recommended!”

  • Pratima Padhye, Homemaker

    “Well trained staff, quality products, reasonable price and all at the comfort of my home, watching my favorite TV program. What more! Itz EazySalon all the way”

  • Rachel D’Souza, Airhostess

    “Being an airhostess, I have irregular work hours, which makes it difficult to visit salon every time. My job demands me to “look good” all time. The convenience & comfort of Eazy Salon with trained staff has really made my salon needs a simple and eazy affair!”

  • Kshama Iyer, Banker

    “Loved the Eazy Salon experience!!! Sitting at home@my time, relaxing and enjoying mani, pedi, waxing..woah! Have already recommended to all my friends, colleagues& circles”

  • Nidhi Verma, Mother to be

    “Eazy Salon has been a big comfort and convenience for pregnant women like me who cannot visit a salon. They took extreme care of me with great hygiene! I would be using their services all through the pregnancy and post delivery! Highly recommended”